Marketing - Study Notes


Introduction to brands

Brand Names

What is Involved in Building a Brand?

Brand Extension and Stretching

Brand Positioning

Brand Types

Buyer Behaviour

Introduction to Buyer Behaviour

Decision-making Process

Cultural Factors

Buying New Products

Social Factors

Stimulus-Response Model

Competitor Analysis

Role of Competitor Analysis

Sources of Competitor Information

Types of Competitor Analysis

Competitive Advantage


Introduction to Distribution

Channel Strategy

Types of Distribution Intermediary

Market Analysis

Defining the Market

Market Share - Why is it Important?

Introduction to Market Share

Market Share - Measurement

Market Types - Consumer & Industrial

Introductory Marketing

What is Marketing?

What To Study

Customers or Consumers?

Marketing Concept

Marketing Map - Components

Marketing Orientation - the Alternatives

Marketing Orientation - Structures

Marketing Orientation - Tasks

Marketing Planning

Introduction to Marketing Planning

Examples of Mission Statements

Importance of Mission

Overview of Planning Process

Setting Marketing Objectives

Link with Strategic Planning

Values and Vision


Introduction to Pricing Strategy

Link with Business Objectives

Cost Plus

Influences on Pricing Strategy

Return on Investment Method

Expansionistic Strategy

Other Pricing Strategies

Penetration Strategy

Skimming Strategy

Variable Cost


Introduction to Products

Product Life Cycle


Introduction to Promotion

Promotional Mix


Setting the Advertising Budget

Measuring Advertising Effectiveness

Advertising Media

Advertising: the Why and What?

Direct Marketing

Factors Influencing Choice of Promotional Tool

Personal Selling

Public Relations

Push and Pull Strategies

Sales Promotion



Introduction to Market Research

Conducting Research

Qualitative Research

Quantitative Research


Types of Research

Uses of Market Research

Sales Forecasting


Introduction to Segmentation

Behavioural Bases

Demographic Bases

Geographic Bases

Bases Introduction

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